Harnessing the power of germanium to unlock the potential of quantum computation

Scaling quantum technology

The world is hungry for quantum computers, as they promise to solve our most demanding challenges. This new approach to computing is expected to revolutionize fields like security, medicine, and materials research, contributing to a safer and more sustainable world. Yet, these world-changing solutions require millions of qubits.

Germanium  qubits are the solution

At Groove Quantum, we overcome the scalability challenge by using our unique germanium quantum technology. Germanium qubits have a high quality, small footprint and integrate seamlessly into existing semiconductor manufacturing processes, all accelerating scaling. We aim to unlock the full potential of quantum computing and drive innovation.

Semiconductors have powered modern technology and will drive future quantum advancements.

Germanium qubits consist of just a transitor, feature a scalable  size, are built on industry technology
, and have excellent performance


The first digital computers were made of thousands of vacuum tubes. If we would still make computers like this today, our phones would be the size of a skyscraper. The invention of the transistor and the rise of the semiconductor industry marked a turning point. Today, billions of reproducible, high-quality bits fit on a chip the size of a coin, allowing our phones to fit in our pockets.

Likewise, semiconductor germanium qubits hold the key to solving the scalability challenge in quantum computing. At Groove quantum, we leverage this synergy with developments in the semiconductor industry, to scale our quantum chips faster, with additional robustness and at lower costs.


Our team has achieved significant milestones in the field, showcasing the high quality and scalability of germanium qubits.

We backed our expertise with a solid foundation of intellectual property. As pioneers in adopting germanium for quantum technology, we hold valuable know-how and have filed numerous patent applications in the domains of qubit performance, yield, and scalability.
arXiv, 2024
We demonstrated the operation of a 10-qubit germanium quantum processor and achieved a two-qubit gate with a record fidelity exceeding 99%.
Nature Nanotechnology, 2023
We invented scalable architectures on a chip and validated them by operating a multiplexed quantum dot array with a sub-linear scaling of I/O lines.
Nature Communications, 2023
We demonstrated the implementation of single-qubit gates with a world-leading fidelity of >99.99%.
Nature, 2021
We demonstrated the scalability of germanium spin qubits in two dimensions, by successfully operating the world’s first 2D grid of semiconductor qubits.
Nature, 2020
We were the first to operate a germanium quantum processor, thereby establishing germanium qubits as a robust and promising quantum platform.


At GROOVE Quantum, we are at the forefront of the quantum revolution, leading the way in qubit fabrication, operation, and integration.

Our expert team is poised to tackle the most daunting challenges in quantum computing, driven by years of experience and an unwavering dedication to innovation.
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